In March 2015, Peds Legwear announced their grand opening. This event celebrated the new Made in USA Initiative that began in November 2014.

We were honored to feature guests Pat McCrory - Governor of North Carolina, Stefan Selig - Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade, and Cindi Marsiglio - Walmart’s VP of US Manufacturing.

Peds Legwear has had plans to bring a number of jobs to our Hildebran, NC manufacturing plant. “Today, the business is thriving,” said Michael Penner. “The work force is expected to reach 150 employees by the end of this year, and sales have already quadrupled. We are on track for creating 205 jobs by 2018.”


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PEDS Tops Up Sock Drive for the Homeless


PEDS Tops Up Sock Drive for the Homeless

December 3, 2015

Matthew Pearce, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Old Brewery Mission, announced today that due to the success of the Socks for Bubbly campaign and the generosity of PEDS Legwear, the needs of the homeless served by the Old Brewery Mission have been met for the next twelve months.

“We were inspired by David Ferguson, the Montreal restaurant owner, who for the past two years has been running, a sock drive for the homeless,” explained Michael Penner, President and Chief Executive Officer of PEDS Legwear. “Through his campaign we learned that few people donate socks even though they are one of the most frequently requested items by the women and men served by the Old Brewery Mission. In fact, keeping their feet warm, healthy and free from frostbite and infections during our frigid winters is a major challenge for many people living on the street.”

“As one on the world’s leading sock manufacturers and distributers with our head office in Montreal, the PEDS team decided to help out.”

The Old Brewery Mission needs 4800 pairs of socks for the winter months and 16,000 pairs over a twelve-month period. For the second consecutive year, David Ferguson has organized Bas pour Bulles, or Socks for Bubbly in mid-November.

“In launching our campaign our goal was to raise awareness about the need for socks among our city’s homeless population and of course to collect socks,” noted David Ferguson, the chef-owner of Restaurant Gus in Petite-Patrie and the driving force behind Socks for Bubbly . “Thanks to the enthusiastic support of my colleagues and the generosity of Montrealers who dropped off socks at the twelve participating restaurants or made financial contributions, we collected more than 5000 pairs of socks.  And now due to community spirit of Michael Penner and the PEDS team we have exceeded expectations and are thinking about expanding the campaign next year to include underwear.”

Restaurants that participated in the 2015 edition of Socks for Bubbly for the first time were Chez Victoire, 1453 Mont-Royal Ave. E.; Cul-Sec, cave et cantine, 29 Beaubien St. E.; Grumman ’78, 630 de Courcelle St.; Mimi la nuit, 22 St-Paul St. E.; Nora Gray, 1391 St-Jacques St.; Restaurant Su, 5145 Wellington St.; and Tuck Shop, 4662 Notre Dame St. W. Joining Restaurant Gus for the second year were Boucherie Lawrence, 5237 St-Laurent Blvd.; Pastaga vins nature & restaurant, 6389 St-Laurent Blvd.; Pizzeria Gema, 6827 St-Dominique St.; Restaurant Santa Barbara, 6696 St-Vallier St.; and, of course, Restaurant Gus, 38 Beaubien St. E. 

“Since 1989, the Old Brewery Mission has been providing life-saving services to Montreal’s homeless men and women,” stated Matthew Pearce. “Today we are thinking differently about the homeless, helping ensure that they have equal access to decent, affordable housing, adapted healthcare services and a community support network. At the same time we are very aware of the fact that over 4,000 homeless people pass through the doors of our seven pavilions annually, where they are treated with respect, offered a clean bed, nutritious meals and a change of clothing.”

“Socks are crucial,” he added, “because it is cold outside, and the homeless tend to walk a lot. Thanks to the generosity of the Socks for Bubbly team and PEDS, many of the homeless will have healthier feet this winter and beyond.”